CCTV Monitoring

CCTV Monitoring

A cheaper alternative to out of hours manned security is CCTV Monitoring, which allows your premises to be monitored outside of trading hours. The system works by linking the alarm system, sensors or motion detection in the CCTV cameras to the Digital Video Recorder on site.

CCTV Monitoring works in such a way that if one of the sensors, alarms or cameras detect movement, or persons present, it flags up an alarm on the screen in the Control Room. The operator then clicks on the alarm and brings up the CCTV cameras in real time. Once they confirm if the activation is through someone trying to break in etc, the Police are alerted to urgently attend the site.

CCTV Monitoring - Remote Maintenance

From our CCTV Control Room we are also able to manage your CCTV system remotely. This lets us update software, download images for the Police, fix most faults or reconfigure the system for maximum performance. This reduces the charge to clients as it prevents us from having to visit the site unless there is physical failure of equipment.

Police Service of Northern Ireland

Our CCTV Monitoring Control Room has links directly into PSNI Call Management across Northern Ireland. This allows us to converse quickly and accurately with the Police, ensuring the fastest response possible.

For the majority of City Centre locations in Northern Ireland, we are able to monitor the local “Radio Links” which let us know of illegal and suspicious behaviour. Should this be in close proximity to any of the sites we monitor, they will be brought up on full screen to ensure we respond as quickly as possible on behalf of the client.

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